When To Replace Tires

Benefits of New Tires

Wondering if you should splurge on a new set of tires? There are definitely some upsides to spending a little bit of cash on an improved group of tires. In fact, spending some money on new tires now can actually amount to some substantial savings down the line. Check out our top 3 reasons to grab yourself some new tires now!

3. They Look Good
Trading up isn’t always about saving money. By dropping a dime on new tires, make that many dimes, you can improve the way other motorists look at you. If you’re self conscious about the lack of tread on your tires then it might be a good idea to take the next step and invest in some new wheels.

2. Safety First
Worn treads are a huge safety liability for you and all the other people driving around you. The chances of blowing a tire is a great risk factor at high speeds and it puts your life and those with or around you in jeopardy as well. Old tires also tend to handle much more poorly on slick surfaces such as wet or frozen conditions. Not being able to stop through an intersection can be a serious hazard if conditions aren’t ideal.

1. Spend Money to Save Money
It’s no secret that the worse off your tires are the worse off your gas mileage is. If you drive a lot that can break down to extra fill-ups at your local gas station. Over time this increased spending could actually end up costing you more than if you just replaced your tires in the first place. Do the right thing and get some new tires and you’ll likely benefit in more ways than one.

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